Cheeky writing

I was stuck. The doors were  shaking. We were terrified. You're probably wondering how I got in this situation anyway well it all started with an argument.
 Me and my friend were mad at each other but I really wanted to say sorry to her so I called out to her “Aishani!” She came running over, she didn't look very happy at me though. I was shaking because I didn't know what to say to her. Then I had an idea I said “Can you come in this closet so I can talk to you?”
She looked at me and said “Fine.” We walked in the closet and she shut the door behind me. It made a  big click.  A few minutes  later we finished talking and we were friends again. When we went to go back out, I tried to open the door and it was stuck!  I tried to tell Aishani but she didn't listen to me. I shouted “Aishani it really is stuck!“ She walked up to the door and it didn't open. Then we started getting really scared and started screaming but everyone was outside so no one could hear. Eventuall…


Week 3:
This week we're learning about drag we Sellotape a Piece of paper to the balloon to see what happened in the end it went only halfway which I was actually thought it wouldn't move at all but in the end it moved half way .


Week 1:
Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data. I have placed myself at unistructural for
. Inferencing
. gathering data
. Engaging in science after today's learning
Why??  I was unistructural at inferencing because I was listening taking part in the activity and taking part in thinking about the data.

Week 2:
This week are class has been learning about rocket balloon science and we learnt the movement is quick and goes like a slingshot. We also looked at the sound and shape.  For sound it is like a girl’s high pitch scream,  and a fart. And for shape it was crinkled and round. I wonder if you tied string to it would slow down or go faster?

Social studies

Social studies reflection
In this term’s inquiry we have been learning about how to be a responsible citizen.

At the start of the term my learning was unistructural because I only knew one thing. Now my learning is relational because I now know more than one and I can relate to my learning. I think I have shown that I am a responsible citizen by putting my hand up to be a wet day monitor and picking up rubbish.  My social sience project is to help others to be a responsible pet owner. My challenge was getting everything done and figuring out how to present it.

Overall I feel I  really  learnt lots this term and I now know lots on how to be a responsible citizen.

Hip hop

Hip hop
One warm Tuesday afternoon we go inside and start   practising, I'm sweating like mad. We start to stretch, then we play a game and we start to dance. I jump, slide, swing, drink. I make sure I have good facials and strength. Then we end. I am so sweaty and hot. I am really proud of myself in there because I do everything my teacher tells me to.

Responsible citizen

Responsible citizens
Are you a responsible citizen?
Because if you aren't I hope this will give you a good idea on how to be one .
Respect is a good one to start with if you don't respect anyone then everyone will be disrespectful to each other. If you do respect each other then everyone will respect each other and there would be no problem.  Someone I know that does this is Gabriella because whenever she see a piece of rubbish she picks it up straight away and puts it in the bin and she respects our environment .

Being a good role model If no one sets a good role model then no one would lessen and they would not know what to do. That's why if you are a role model then the little ones would copy you and no how to lessen more often. A person I know that does this is Ruby because when she's on the mat she sit quietly and everybody copies the way she acts.

Overall it's good to keep picking up rubbish because it keeps our environment clean forever. And it's good to…

My poem

I am a limo

I am a limo
driving my way down to fabulousness.

I am the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
trying to get up straight.

I am a phone,
that chats all the time.

I am a banana,
always monkeying around.

I am a  piece of pizza
with each topping unique .

I am a sock,
trying to get to the top of the basket .

Ko Addison ahau.